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Technology Evangelism : Encapsulated

Technology Evangelism : Encapsulated

Time moves ahead. Indeed it is, either plowing through furrows surreptitiously or spading wide in emblazing aura by a majestic sweep of massiveness and momentum. The witness of such luminous motion in its most tangible herald testifies itself in the changing paradigm of the evolutionary urge. The manifestation of this ascending urge paints indubitably in the helical realm of ‘Technology’ as well.

With the emerging role of technology coupled with the sublime significance of its multifarious application in realms diverse and arena so large, it impregnates a future reward and a potential promise in itself. The assurance, however trustworthy invites challenges and threat to stability and equilibrium in the crucible of ceaseless change of standards and parameters amidst the growing demands and newer strategy to meet the same. The boom of the beaming blue of infinite probabilities, competitions and possibilities of changing scenario of crowded and competitive market and the evolving trend of business has necessitated the birth of “Technology Evangelism”. Chemicals put, catalysts tried, it’s time now for the promoter.

The development of new, disruptive and innovative technologies is one thing. Commercializing and getting them flying off the shelves is another. To create a difference in the vision of an organization, to trigger re-thinking, to re-fashion a fabulous mission in its integral fulfillment “Technology Evangelism” is a magical incantation which can spell wonders and achieve marvels. Building a critical mass of support for a given technology and establishing it as a genuine technical standard in a market subjected to network effects is a perpetual striving the evangelists must impress upon in the ever changing dynamics of business promotion.

Establishing technology as de facto standard and engendering a new belief culture to the new “why” of the things seems to be the prime call in evangelizing the ever changing technology. This necessarily demands embracing new technologies by skillfully responding to the inevitable array of related queries, concerns and potential objections in one way or the other. The matrix of the present thus embeds upon this art to make noble its subservient theme and endeavor to make technology, a way of life and living, a Santa-Cruz voucher and a passport divinizing the kingdom of technology and ultimately service and satisfaction.


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Dedication and Determination are twin principles of my work. I let the vision of the organization propel my every movement forward.

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