Flutter Apps Are Always Bigger in Size – Debunking the Myth

November 1, 2023

We all are aware of the story about an Elephant and an Ant. The way the elephant got defeated by an ant shows size is just a metric, it's the skill that counts. Just like the elephant and the ant, Flutter apps have various metrics. However, in this blog, we’ll focus on debunking some very well-known myths about Flutter applications. Let’s hop in then!


There is a widespread misperception that Flutter apps are much bigger than native apps made using other frameworks. Particularly in the context of developing mobile apps, this notion frequently breeds doubt regarding Flutter's effectiveness.

Size Optimization in Flutter

The truth is that Flutter has a robust design philosophy aimed at minimizing app size, and it provides several features and tools to achieve just that:

1. Tree Shaking

Flutter uses tree shaking, a process that eliminates unused code and dependencies from your app. This technique helps reduce the app's size by eliminating any redundant components.

2. Ahead-of-Time (AOT) Compilation

Flutter uses AOT compilation to compile Dart code into native machine code. This process results in a smaller executable file size, enhancing app performance and size efficiency.

3. Widgets and Resource Management

Flutter provides efficient widgets and resource management, ensuring that the app only includes the necessary UI components and assets. Unutilized resources are left out of the final app package.

4. Code Splitting

The Flutter framework supports code splitting, which enables developers to load parts of the app on demand. This means that not all code needs to be bundled with the initial app installation.

5. Flutter's Build Modes

Flutter offers different build modes, including release and profile modes, which optimize app performance and size based on the intended use.

The Verdict

So, is the myth accurate? Not quite. While it's true that app size can vary depending on factors such as dependencies and asset usage, Flutter's design principles and optimization techniques mean that Flutter apps don't necessarily have to be significantly larger. By carefully managing assets, dependencies, and code, you can create Flutter apps that are both efficient and streamlined.


The belief that Flutter apps are "always bigger" is untrue, even though they could have a different size profile from native apps. Flutter dispels the myths that have damaged its reputation by giving developers the tools they need to create responsive and effective apps through its design and optimization capabilities. Let's face the reality and create Flutter apps that are exceptional in terms of both size and performance.

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