Deploying Flutter Apps to App Stores: A Step-by-Step Guide

October 26, 2023

You must have watched Arabian Nights, and read stories of treasure hunts, right? But as developers, the app stores are your oceans of opportunity, and your Flutter app is a treasure chest! Welcome aboard as we set out on an exciting journey to get your Flutter app into app stores. It's time to set sail, have some fun, and realize your app ambitions. So, wave the Flutter flag high and set sail for app store success!

Prerequisites for App Store Deployment

Before we hoist the sails, we need to make sure everything is in shape. Here's what you'll need to prepare:

  • Flutter App:Your app should be ready, thoroughly tested, and polished.
  • Developer Accounts:You'll need developer accounts for app stores (e.g., Apple Developer Program, Google Play Console).
  • App Assets: Prepare icons, screenshots, and app descriptions.
  • App Signing:Sign your app with platform-specific keys.

Deploying to the Apple App Store

1. Create an App ID

To deploy to the Apple App Store, you'll need an App ID. Here's how you can create one:

flutter create .

2. Set up Xcode

Open your project in Xcode and configure your app's settings, including app icons and entitlements.

3. Build the App

Build your Flutter app in release mode:

flutter build ios --release

4. Archive and Upload

In Xcode, archive your app, validate it, and then upload it to the Apple App Store.

Deploying to the Google Play Store

1. Create a Developer Account

Sign up for a Google Play Console developer account.

2. Prepare Your App

Ensure your app is ready, and generate a signing key for your app.

3. Build the App Bundle

Build your Flutter app for the Google Play Store using the app bundle format:

flutter build appbundle --release

4. Create a Release

In the Google Play Console, create a new release, upload your app bundle, and configure release details.

Launch and Celebrate!

With your app successfully deployed to the app stores, it's time to celebrate your achievement and start your journey to app stardom!

Dreamin` with Magnigeeks

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