Creating Custom Loyalty and Rewards Systems in WooCommerce

October 3, 2023

Think of yourself as the owner of an internet shop that sells specialty coffee beans. Sarah has been a consistent customer of your shop for many years. Sarah is a walking billboard for your company, praising it to her loved ones and telling everyone how much she enjoys your coffee. What if you could thank Sarah for her devotion and entice her to return and recommend new clients? This is where WooCommerce's personalized loyalty and rewards system can really shine.

We'll go into the world of unique loyalty and rewards programs for your WooCommerce store in this blog. We'll look at how you may design individualized promotions that reward your customers, raise their level of involvement, and eventually result in more sales.

The Power of Custom Loyalty Programs

Customized loyalty and incentive programs benefit both you and your consumers. In today's cutthroat e-commerce environment, they greatly increase client loyalty and promote repeat business. Here's how to design one specifically for your WooCommerce store:

1. Define Your Objectives

Start by identifying your goals. What do you want to achieve with your loyalty program? Is it about retaining existing customers, acquiring new ones, increasing the average order value, or all of the above? Defining your objectives will help shape the program's structure.

2. Choose the Right Rewards

Rewarding your customers is at the core of any loyalty program. Consider offering discounts, free products, early access to new releases, or exclusive content. Ensure the rewards resonate with your target audience and provide real value.

3. Create a Tiered System

Tiered loyalty programs, where customers progress through different levels, can be highly engaging. Start with a basic level and offer increasingly valuable rewards as customers ascend the tiers. This encourages continued engagement and spending.

4. Personalize the Experience

Use data from your WooCommerce store to personalize the loyalty program. Recognize customers' birthdays, anniversaries, and shopping preferences. Send them personalized offers and rewards, showing that you value their patronage.

5. Implementing a Loyalty Plugin

You'll probably require a WooCommerce plugin in order to build a unique loyalty program. "WooCommerce Points and Rewards" and "YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards" are a couple of the most well-liked choices. These plugins serve as the framework for your loyalty program and can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.


Here's a code snippet that demonstrates how you can use the "WooCommerce Points and Rewards" plugin to award points for every purchase:

// Award points for purchases
function award_points_for_purchase( $order_id ) {
$order = wc_get_order( $order_id );
$user_id = $order->get_user_id();
// Calculate points based on order total
$points = $order->get_total() * 10;

// Award points to the user
wc_points_rewards_add_points( $user_id, $points, 'Purchase', $order_id );
add_action( 'woocommerce_new_order', 'award_points_for_purchase' );


For your online store, a personalized loyalty and rewards system in WooCommerce can be a game-changer. It promotes client loyalty, raises participation, and boosts revenue. You can design a loyalty program that not only keeps your current customers coming back, but also draws in new ones by defining your goals, picking the appropriate incentives, setting up a tiered structure, customizing the experience, and putting the necessary plugin in place. Create a unique loyalty program today, and watch your online sales rise.

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