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Plot No: 211, Second Floor, District Center, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India


Bhubaneswar INDIA


April 2017

The word ‘Skeuomorphism’ or say ‘Skeuomorph’ has its root from Greek word 'skeûos' meaning vessel and  morphḗ meaning “form”). It is a design principle where features copied from similar features in another object from the real world of our involvement and interaction in life. It is an object in software that mimics its real world counterpart A skeuomorph, thus is a derivative object that retains design cues or semblance from structures that are inherent to the original. All of these are mimetic; they...

Good design is much more than that which meets the eye. Behind the apparent and the obvious, behind the so called “as it is” and the “transparent”, lies the raison d'etre of the whole phenomena of a Good Design, a design that works, a design that appeals and is also aesthetic. The visual part of a design – the look and feel – is only the tip of the iceberg. MEANING: User Centered Design is a design philosophy where the...